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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Why a Vibrating Ring? Only 30-40% of women can achieve orgasm during sex, leaving about 70% of women unsatisfied. The Screaming O™ vibrating ring can actually be the solution that mankind has been waiting for by allowing a woman to achieve clitoral stimulation and even orgasm during sex.

What is the Screaming O?
The Screaming O™ is the new, fun trend in sex toys—a disposable vibrating ring for screaming orgasminc sex for both!

How does it work?
- The man puts it on his penis with the vibrating knobs facing up and out.
- The switch on the side turns the powerful mini vibrating motor on.
- Explore all of the fun positions until a Screaming Orgasm is achieved.

How long does the motor last?
The vibrating excitement lasts up to and over 30 minutes—the switch can be turned on or off to conserve battery life.

What are the knobs for?
The unique patented knobs actually send vibrations throughout the penis turning him into a human vibrator.

I have seen other vibrating rings on the market, what's the difference?
The Screaming O™ is state-of-the-art, boasting:
- Longest Battery Life
- The Strongest Vibrations
- The Softest, Strongest Gel Band
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