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The BangO

The BangO Vibrating Cock Ring

The BangO Vibrating Cock Ring

  • Vibrating Cock Ring

  • 3 Golden Swing Balls for a Banging Sensation

  • # Vertical Head Design for Better Contact for Her

  • Enhanced Pleasure Knobs To Vibrate Him

  • Super Powered Motor

  • Stretchy, One Size Fits All, Gel Erection Band

  • Replaceable Batteries (included)

  • Waterproof

  • Wireless

  • Price: 19.99


    "Designed for some serious bangin!"

    The BangO is the vibrating ring designed for couples who are ready experience a whole new level of banging in their relationship. The Triple-weighted swing balls are a new concept in sextoys that allows for extra stimulation in the perineum, or that area just below his and her fun parts. The pleasure knobs around the ring make the entire toy vibrate. The vertical head design allows for better contact for her, where she needs it most. This vibrating sexcessory is worn by him and provides fun for both. The Bang O's high-powered batteries last for over an hour, has replaceable batteries as well as being waterproof and wireless. With the Screaming O Bang O, you really got more BANG for your buck.

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