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The O Gee

The O Gee

The O Gee

Multipurpose stimulator featuring a flexible core to fit every sexual style!

  • Flexible, innovative design hits every nook and cranny simultaneously
  • Customizable design lets it bend and shape so you can twist and shout
  • Thoughtfully designed lube grooves localize lubrication to keep things slick
  • Textured nubs and ripply ridges enhance and excite even the hardest to reach pleasure zones!
  • Custom U-shape stays petite to use even during intercourse!
  • Vibrating core buzzes strong and steady at every angle!
  • Powered by a super-powered 3-speed bullet
  • 2 soft and feminine colors: blush pink and lavender purple

  • Price: 39.99



    Twist, Shout & Scream "OGee!"

    Introducing the OGee, a revolutionary new vibrator specifically engineered to let you choose your own sensual adventure! No One Size Fits All claimes here: The innovative OGee features a fully flexible core that allows you to twist, bend and turn it to fit your fancy! The OGee contours to your body while buzzing your G-spot and clitoris in one fell swoop - and its compact U-shape fits perfectly in-between two bodies during intercourse. This triple-threat treat is perfect for G-spot, clitoral, partner play -- or all of the above, all at the same time!

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