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Two-O Double Pleasure Ring

Two-O Double Pleasure Ring

  • Super Stretchy Gel Band

  • Pleasure Knobs for Him

  • Pleasure Bumps for Her

  • TWO Easy On/Off Switches

  • TWO Long-Lasting Motors for His and Her Pleasure

  • TWO TIMES the Vibrations for Double the Screams

  • Price: 7.99



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    "Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!"

    The new Two-O is just like the award winning, top-selling Screaming O vibrating ring, but with an extra enhanced motor designed to double the pleasure for mutual enjoyment.

    The popular traditional Screaming O ring has one vibrator to be worn on the top for her but the Two-O improves mutual pleasure by adding another vibrator for him. What really makes this ring amazing is the Screaming O’s trademark pleasure knobs that are designed to transfer the vibrations through the length of the penis which are now powered by dual motors to really turn him into a human vibrator!

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